Global Vitals

Democratizing Physiological Sensing

Our software can estimate the heart rate and breathing rate of mobile users while they use an application or visit a website, bringing a whole new level of user understanding and personalization



Our cloud-based API uses the latest trends in machine learning to bring real-time insights about people. Our first two services extract physiological information from motion data while remaining relatively still. These services can be used from multiple platforms such as a mobile app, a web application, or a wearable device to provide comfortable physiological sensing.

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We are honored to collaborate with top companies and universities in different areas such as market research, virtual reality, and wellness.

  • Service offering personalized music to improve relaxation before sleep.

    Sync Project (acquired by Bose)

  • Studying customer experience with physiological sensing.

    POLA Chemical Industries

  • BioPay delivers a patient-centric solution to improve wellness, reduce health related expenses, and return control of personal health information to the person.

    Six Capital

  • Research on the future of psychological interventions.


  • Several groups at MIT are currently using our API to tackle different research problems.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology



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